Owners Barry and Danny both share a love for spicy peppers, spicy sauces, spicy foods, you name it, so the next logical step was to create their own! What better way than to grow the peppers themselves and make their own sauce and other spicy products. They selected the Bird Pepper, closely related to a Thai Birds Eye chili, that they came to love down in the Bahamas.  Barry and Danny got hard to work by growing the Bird Peppers from seedling, to maturity, and next built a full fledged farm. From their specialty pepper farm they have created six delicious products. Batch #5, Hot, Smoky Birds, Top Shelf Spice Rub, Smoky Cinco, and Fermented Pepper Mash. All items for purchase in our shop.

When we say Florida Grown, we Mean.....We only use the chili's that have been grown by us.  We use -only- our peppers and the highest quality fresh ingredients to blend them with. ENJOY!

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